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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Baking, Blogging...Barfing?


January and February have flown by, starting with the day I decided to submit my manuscript to the good folks at Crimson Romance. Jennifer Lawler, Crimson's managing editor, has been an absolute gem, as has Jess Verdi, the imprint's Assistant Editor. They made dreaming easy, and have never hesitated to answer my questions. Having had a bad experience with a previous "publisher" (no names; you know what Momma says: "If you can't say something nice..."), this was a breath of fresh air. It's been an amazing experience from start to finish. If any of you reading this have a story in the back of your head - write it. Dream it, then make it happen. If even a third of the publishing world are anything like the two ladies I mentioned above, you're in for a treat. (smile)

'Kirby' will go live in less than a month and my tummy is starting to do flips. Those insecure little stabs bother me all day, every day. Will people like it? Will people hear Rachel/Kirby the way I do? Will they see the hero the way I have from the moment I started writing it? It's nearly impossible to concentrate! Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I'm elated that, after years of dreaming and boxing away half finished projects, the fear is gone. I can finish a story. I can submit to a publisher. I can make this happen.

Despite my nervous stomach and occasional anxiety nausea, I'm working on all of my projects in the same manner as this one. I've got a Salted Caramel Brownie in the oven, my bass is glaring at me scathingly as it wonders why I would stop practicing scales to come over here and blog, and the final proof of 'Kirby' is on my Nook. I'll pore through it one more time before kissing it and sending it back to the publisher so that they can shine her up and get her out into the Universe. I'm ready... I'm ready!!

I hope that you'll keep checking in from time to time; I've met some amazing writers who will be joining me on this very blog to offer guidance and smiles to anyone interested! I leave you now to pull fresh baked sweets out of my oven, set it on a rack to cool, and hopefully get some sleep - have a good night!


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