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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Read & Review Saturdays: KISS ME, KATIE by Monica Tillery

Wow, is it Saturday again?

I've been so behind on reading - I'm so glad I was able to finally 'sink my teeth' into something new! I usually tune the world out and listen to music on the way to work - this past week, I've actually had the Nook open; among other things, I finished up Monica Tillery's Kiss Me, Katie. It's a sweet little ditty published by Crimson Romance, released just this past Monday. Here's a brief summary:

Talented fiddler Katie McCoy finds out that her band, Sterling, will join the very famous, extremely handsome Blake Jackson on his Country Summer Nights tour. Her career is taking off, but after dating too many guys who let her down, her love life is going nowhere.

Blake is America’s biggest country star, and he can date a different beautiful woman every night of the week. After years on the road, each woman starts to seem the same and none of them ever want more than the experience of dating a celebrity. In Katie, he finally finds a woman who is interested in who he is as a man, someone who loves him for his true self. Being on tour together is a bit like being in a relationship pressure cooker, and things get serious. Everything moves faster than outside in the real world. Theirs is a match made in music heaven, but in three short weeks, Katie’s band leaves the tour and she’ll be out of his arms.

Katie wants true love more than anything else, but her tour bus is heading back to Texas with or without her. Sterling’s new level of success means that her career must take top priority and any man she’s with will have to respect that. She’s done with guys who don’t take her career seriously, and Blake can’t leave his own tour. How can they stay together when their paths have them moving in opposite directions? Will they find a way to make it work or say goodbye?

Okay, so - overall, I enjoyed the book. I giggled at Katie's instant reaction to Blake during their first meeting and was eager to follow their story all the way through to the last page. And Blake's southern charm was enough to get me swooning from my cramped subway seat! The story was about as real life as it can get, though in my opinion there was an incident within the pages that had great potential to be a serious plot thickener. Regardless, I wasn't disappointed in the book - I love happy endings and, while this particular story wasn't too dramatic (which, believe me, can still be refreshing!), the story delivered its 'happily ever after' with a sweet hurrah.  

I've read books that have made me regret picking them up in the first place, and this was NOT one of them (smile - gotcha). It was a charming, romantic, and syrupy sweet read that I pleasantly enjoyed from beginning to end. That said, Monica did a great job of writing the world around Katie & Blake - I'm in the market for some great BBQ now! I suggest putting this on your reading list, especially if fulfilling that list involves a beach chair and some sangria... I think you'll like this one! Also, you *will* picture Blake Shelton; there's no escape from it! (smile again)

Check it out on any reader - Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Android Tablets, iPad/iPhone - and visit Monica's website to tell her how much you enjoyed it! (

For the records, lovelies - I do read other genres! Particularly SciFi, Chick Lit, and Coming of Age Stories. I'll be sure to review a couple of those soon! Have you read Kirby yet? I hope you have - let me know what you think of it, I plan on having another story to submit for publishing very soon!


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