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Monday, July 20, 2015

COMPANY INK (Happy Release Day!)

Company Ink Now On Sale - Finally! 

Getty never lets me down.

My 2nd, sexier, contemporary romance titled Company Ink is finally available at e-book retailers (pretty much) everywhere! I'm so excited to be able to post this in celebration... break out the party hats and reading glasses!

For your entertainment, I purposely went in a much spicier direction when it came to the relationship between the hero and heroine because, as much as I love sweet and classic romance, I love a good hot story line with genuine electric chemistry. Both are so rare, am I right? Rare, but not non-existent ...Mr. Right/Hot Stuff is out there, ladies, and I hope you each have yours! ;)

They say no good can come from dipping your pen in the company ink... but this time it might!

After heartbreak threw her years off track, Violet Young is finally making her dreams come true. She’s just landed a sweet position with Wynne’s Kitchen, New York City’s world-renowned bakery at Rockefeller Center. 

Ben Preston rose to greatness as a general manager at one of the finest dining establishments in the Big Apple only to fall from grace when life dealt him a rough hand and his wife left him. A phone call from the hiring manager at Wynne’s Kitchen is the catalyst he needs to start over.

Sparks fly when Violet is asked to train her new boss, who stands between her and the next promotion she needs. Worse still, she and Ben must fight not to fall in love … because there’s a fine line between a delicious affair and dipping your pen in the company ink. Will Ben and Violet turn up the heat or do their careers take the cake?

On Sale Now!

Here are a couple of buy links, in case you're ready to take this sweet but sexy romance off your TBR list and onto to your 'Am Reading' list! To add it to your Goodreads queue, simply click here:

Google Play:

PS: In case you were wondering who was up on the hero wall while I was writing this book, it was Alexander Skarsgard. He had just the right amount of sex appeal and air of command about him that genuinely made me weak at the knees when I wrote the way Ben loved to tease Violet until her eyes crossed. Also... you're welcome. ;)

Please don't forget to leave a review after you've read my new baby - especially if you enjoyed it! And I do hope you enjoy it, because I had fun writing it! I'll be putting up an excerpt on the website this week, and potentially the full first chapter on Wattpad shortly after that, so be sure to tell your friends to keep an eye out for a teasing taste of Company Ink!


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