Friday, October 5, 2018

You're A Woman, and You Matter

You're a Woman, and You Matter

Kavanaugh will likely be appointed to the Supreme Court. We know he shouldn't, and not even just because of the allegations brought against him. 

So I'm telling you, as much as I'm telling myself, to not lose hope. Do not lose your fight. 

We still matter. Women, Women of Color, Trans Women of All Colors. We still matter. 

Despite what the government says, despite what a male-forward society says. In spite of what they say. 

Women are all things - ALL THINGS. And there are people in this world who can barely stand to imagine it. Men who punish women for saying 'no', women who think that, because we got the vote, that the fight is over. They may never admit it, but they know - Women, when emotionally strong, when empowered and self-assured, scare the fuck out of them. We piss them off. Because who do we think we are? Holding our babies in one arm and financially supporting our entire family with the other? Cradling our nieces and nephews while swiping paint onto canvas or laying down tunes to rival the most accomplished of male musicians at the center of the boy's club? Who do we think we are?

I'm here to tell you - keep scaring them. Keep pissing them off. You have just as much of a right to exist as they do. This is our goddamn world, too. 

So, create. Make all the things. Tell all the stories. Show the world that not only has the narrative always included us, but that we are far more instrumental in molding and creating the beauty that exists therein. And empower your sister - don't let them pit us against each other. This is our fight, even though there are still women who haven't seen the uneven playing field. Eventually they will. And they'll be as mad as we are. Be patient, but don't lose hope. Don't lose your fight. Do not stay silent. 

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