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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Read & Review Saturdays: EMMA, THE WILD & WANTON EDITION by Micah Persell

And it's Saturday again!

Life, I can say without a doubt, has been keeping me on my toes. Fellow writers, how do any of you get a new book done when there's so much promotional stuff going on? I'm looking for tips - I haven't written a single word this week! 

I've also been caught up in the set list for my band's show next week.. it's less than seven days away. I've already begun getting butterflies and spurts of nervous giggles. The last time this happened, we had a huge turnout and a pretty decent set. I'm hoping that's a good sign! 

Today, I've finally committed to finding the moment to put up a review for a very sweet and amazing author - Micah Persell. Crimson Romance has a 'Wild and Wanton' line, where select authors test their chops at adding a little spice to great literary works of the past. Micah got her hands on Jane Austen's Emma and accepted the challenge to add her voice to Miss Austen's to create a hot new classic. And let me tell you, our girl delivered - Wild and Wanton, indeed!

This edition of one of my favorite classics would have turned Jane Austen's cheeks scarlet. If she were able to peruse this book before it's release, she would have certainly clapped her hand over her mouth before letting out a muffled cry: "Micah! Are you mad?" I mean this in, of course, the most delighted way possible. Then again, another part of my mind is visualizing Jane - huddled in a dark part of the house - writing by candlelight, hoping that no one will catch a glimpse of her truly wanton thoughts. (smile - I hope my visions will be rewarded when some random librarian unearths erotica, handwritten by Jane herself!)

The relationship between Emma and Mr. Knightley soars to scalding temperatures thanks to Micah's seamless additions to the novel. Micah's wonderful voice adds a steamy, grown-up element to the book that I'm sure our English teachers would never have allowed in grade school! I'm happy to report that this book invoked quite a few giggles out of me while I was reading - see, I've had a Mr. Knightley picked out in my head for a very long time. To see him in this light set my heart aflutter (if you'll pardon my prose lol)! Screw 50 Shades the Movie: can we see this one now? 

Giggles and the need to fan myself aside, the book is saucy and spicy without being overdone. The read will definitely leave you wide-eyed if you remember that this book was originally about 200 years ago. Micah's work gives it a really brightens the story and, guaranteed, you're gonna catch yourself looking back at the original just to "double check" which parts are Jane's and which are Micah's. The good news? It went on sale this past Monday - you can get it in e-book form through most outlets: Amazon, iTunes, Google Books, and more! 

You can also get to know Miss Micah at - and maybe we'll get her to pay us a visit one day! ;)

'Til next time!



  1. I concur. This was wonderful. She handled the insertions, if you will, with a delicate and thoughtful hand, keeping with the tone and spirit of the story, with just a dash extra. I loved it.

  2. Looking forward to reading this one!

  3. You're going to love it, Peggy - like Tara said, she was great at keeping with the tone and handling the erotic parts so that they weren't overdone against the rest of the story!