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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Read & Review Saturdays: FATED SOULS by Becky Flade


Ha, see how I let a week go by without blogging? It goes so fast! I had a really busy week doing final preparations for a pretty important show - it went well, but of course not without its pratfalls. But that's just how it goes; another day, another show! In the end, I had a blast. (smile)

I'm glad that I can at least stay consistent enough to have another review for you guys today. Next in line for reviews (even though I finished it about a week and a half ago) is Fated Souls, another paranormal romance released by Crimson Romance. I'll admit that, before publishing Kirby, I was unaware that the paranormal romance genre had taken such a big piece of the romance genre pie! Then again, with the success of books like Twilight and even Harry Potter (I'm looking at you, Tonks & Lupin), it makes sense that love between human and superhuman have become so popular. I've read two PNR's so far and, I've gotta say, there's something wickedly fun about all of this! I'm definitely looking forward to checking out more of the genre.

Back to Fated Souls - the book hooked me beyond a shadow of a doubt! There are quirks to the story and the characters that keep you fixed to the story and, next thing you know, it's dark outside and an entire day is just gone. Becky did a great job with dialogue and pushing the story forward with some great curveballs! Honestly, I feel like Miss Flade was playing tricks on me; just when I thought the Happily Ever After was coming, here comes that monkey wrench!

I honestly wish that there had been more book - I found myself stopping to absorb the bestial attraction between Maggie and Aidan's nightform, Gaelech. I like to think that there was more behind it, I just wish I could confirm what it was! Beyond that, I thoroughly enjoyed the book - Maggie is an awesomely tough girl, and Aidan compliments her perfectly as the rugged man/wolf who doesn't know whether to enjoy her courage or be seriously shocked and pissed about it. It's a read I'd recommend, particularly if you're an escapist like me. Fated Souls is the story of a scorned writer, a cursed man, and the fated path that not only pulls them together, but leads them to everything that neither realized they wanted. Overall, Becky Flade paints a vivid picture and tells a great story - I'm looking forward to reading more of her work! You can get to know more about her and her work (she's got multiple publications!) on her official blog:

And that's your review for Saturday! I'm hoping to get more posts or memes up this week, just so that I can check in with those of you still paying attention. ;) In the meantime, I wanted to make sure I sent a ton of love out to Boston. It's been a rough week and a half, and I hope that Monday finally brings about a period of healing! Love, love, and more love headed to all from this die hard Yankee fan and lifelong New Yawker.. :)



  1. I had Aidan and Maggie over on my blog and sure enjoyed their company. Looking forward to an opportunity to read this book! Becky is a hoot and I'd like to see just what she put down on the pages of FATED SOULS!

  2. I don't usually read paranormal, but if Becky's writing voice is even half as vibrant as her personality, I'm in for a good read. :) Can't wait!


  3. I'm all about escapism so I'm loving the sound of this! And the cover is stunning. I read my very first paranormal ever recently - this will have to be number two! :-)

  4. I also have been somewhat put off by paranormals (although when you mention HP in that category, it starts to change my prejudices) but Fated Souls sounds particularly interesting. Enjoyed the review, too!

  5. Thanks everyone! Loving my Sunday so far!