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Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Meme & Other News

Tis' Monday!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Mother's Day - I cooked, baked and spent some quality time with my family. Not only was it jolly good fun, but I learned that I baked a pretty amazing strawberry cake! I built the recipe myself so... I'm a little proud. :)

This past Friday, I was featured on my publisher's blog at Crimson Romance - you can still check it out and comment by clicking here: Crimson Romance Blog / No Rhyme or Reason - Just Love. These blogs are always fun, but I shared a little something special this time around, so I hope that (if you decided to read) you enjoy it.

Pleasantries aside, I'm going to repeat to whoever is actually checking in the words I repeated to myself all weekend. Keep on keeping on. The likelihood that people don't give a shit about the things that mean the most to you is super high - but it's OKAY. I can't stress that enough. If you're doing what truly, truly makes you happy, then nothing anyone says or does (or doesn't do) is going to matter. Love your life. Love your art. Love yourself. And to throw in an obscure quote from an awesome movie: "Screw the world." (a shiny penny for anyone who gets it!) .. ;)

Today's meme combines my love of baking with my love of tasty man candy: have a great week, folks! I'm off to catch up on some reading, design a new business plan, and heal this ridiculous calf muscle strain (I don't know how it happened, but I'm sure my clumsiness has something to do with it). Keep life creative!


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