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Monday, October 7, 2013

Inspiration strikes!

Hi hi!
Sometimes all it takes is a glance to get your creative juices flowing. A genuine connection, if only for a moment, can make a world of difference - and can often change the way in which you view the world. It can make you sing better, perform better, write better - it can provide hope where none existed before. To those who know what I'm referring to, I know you think I'm being silly and very much "schoolgirl-ish"; it is with love and adoration that I use the next two words: back off. (smile)

I know it seems ridiculous, but hear me out. These moments, though fleeting and unlikely to happen again, mean a lot to me. I've written stories like these before; two people are introduced, their eyes meet and, for only a second or two, the world sort of stops. It's really just the most organic of meet-cutes, right? Well, I write my romance novels like that, and sometimes even a little over the top, because somewhere deep down I still believe in the butterflies. I haven't had a whole lot of proof lately that they exist, but I believe. I'd been telling myself for years that I was over those "childish" types of feelings, that they were ridiculous and unlikely to exist. That said, I was put in my place this weekend - well played, Universe!

Even though those moments just happen in passing, they do happen. And I hope that you all continue to enjoy romance novels, not just because they get you all "vapory", but because you still believe in love: butterflies in your tummy, staring out into space, 'you're all I think about' love. It is from that kind of love that the most comfortable, lasting loves can grow.


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