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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sami's Bornday Extravanganza: Le Revenge! (YAY for Staycations!)

Hi hi!

Yep, I'm on a staycation - what I decided was that I needed a full week away from the day job. I'm spending the week enjoying the air, the sights, and my writing/band work. If you can really call that work..(smile)

Running Thoughts
I had an amazing birthday weekend, for starters: I put together a rock show in Brooklyn, as I did last year. I didn't think it was possible, but the show was more amazing than anything I could have  imagined. One of my friends reminded me that the only thing that could have possibly topped the evening as it existed would have been a slow-motion, set to music appearance by Hottie McCoffeehouse; while I'm inclined to agree, everything was perfect as it was!

It makes me smile when I think of how many incredibly talented musician friends I have. The life of a writer isn't all the different from that of a musician: they both spend countless hours promoting and trying to get the word out, and they both effectively tell stories. Granted, a musician's story is a bit shorter, but it's an organic story nonetheless. This is why I feel like my two passions go hand in hand and are absolutely juggle-able. Would you agree?

Strange Talking Animals
Because of the incredible birthday celebration I had, I feel the need to shout out the performers (yeah I know, I'm in there too!)  as another way of thanking them for the amazing performances they put on. Attached to their names are links so that you can check them out (if Rock music is your thing, of course)

Recovery Council
First, to Strange Talking Animals: thanks so much for coming out (sick!) and opening up the night perfectly! Your rendition of 'Space Oddity' remains my very favorite! Next, to my buddies in Recovery Council: holy isht, you rocked the house! Those loud and raucous cheers you invoked from the crowd were no accident! And to my band, Running Thoughts: I love that we are in a place where we can sit down (after not rehearsing together for weeks) and just sync as if no time had passed at all. I love you two so much! Finally, to  Road To Ruin - I cannot even explain how happy I am that we all got together and agreed to continue this tribute to The Runaways. The crowd, the music, the love - amazing! Can't wait to do it again!  

Road To Ruin

If you like checking out new music, you should definitely check out all of these bands! We work our butts off every day to hone and perfect our craft (the same way us writers do - which is why I'm always so busy!). If you're so inclined, get on Facebook and show some love! 

Keep it creative!


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