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Thursday, December 12, 2013

And Another Ten Minute Contribution


I've been more brave in these last three months than I have been in years. I'd say 'my entire life', but I have no way to back that up (smile). I'm gonna keep this post short because a) I have the day job and b) I've got so many projects in the air that I have to finish something soon or my head will explode. 

I'm about 30 pgs away from finishing a screenplay that I think would just kill on the big screen. It's the ultimate in fangirl movies - the object of affection is probably someone you'd least expect! And then of course, there's Kirby. I'm completely committed to seeing this movie made, and I'm 10% done with the first draft of the script. OH, and did I mention that I've already approached Joe Manganiello about playing the hero? When I said brave, I wasn't playing! 

I chatted about it with a writing bud of mine, Becky Flade (author of Fated Souls) - you can check out the interview (and her work!) by clicking HERE

And then, of course, there are newer books. I've got three works in progress that would definitely fall under the romance genre, one of which is shaping up to be a paranormal! Yeah, I didn't think I would either (smile again). Then there's the epic sci-fi that I've been sitting on for years: I'm reworking the structure and I hope to finish it sometime next year!

Now that I'm seeing things a little more clearly, I can focus on the projects that I'm most interested in finishing and push forward from there. My motto from here on in (courtesy of Joe Manganiello's book Evolution, available now!) is 'All In'. Let's see how this goes!

Stay lovely!


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