Thursday, May 22, 2014

Random Update or "Holy isht, it's almost June!"

The reality of my chosen path is hitting me hard.

It takes money to make money - I have none. (smile)

It takes books to sell books - I have one. 

Am I discouraged? Only a little. I don't write for fame. But having my work read and enjoyed is definitely a thrill I don't want to give up. The same goes for my music - I'm at the tail end of a failing crowdfunding campaign for my band's first album that almost seems like a 'make or break' situation at this point. Things, in general, aren't looking up. At least that's how it looks from where I'm standing. I'm not looking to start a pity party - if my blog is good for anything, it's been a great way for me to rationalize the jumble of s**t swirling around in my brain without talking to myself (loudly) and frightening my roommate. 

I think my fingers are flying across the keyboard right now only because I'm trying to talk myself out of giving up. I think it's time for a shake up. I think I'm pissed that I can't amass any sort of promotional budget until I can save a little more cash from the 'day job'. I think that I won't be able to save anything until I get out of the student loan hole that my college education left me in. 

I gotta stop thinking. I'm five chapters in to my second book and currently shopping what I think is a great screenplay. Note to anyone listening: query letters suck. Rock of Ages, however? Hysterical. I'm ending this post, only because I want to mark out over that Baldwin guy make out with the ex-Mr. Katy Perry.


PS: I'm working on a new website - it may actually be funny, as I have very minimal web design experience.

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