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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Check This Out: Lindsay Dragan - Be Good To Yourself

Get excited, because this is the first non-book item I'm sharing! I'm happy that it's music, and I'm happy that it's this girl. 

Lindsay Dragan is a chick you should be watching, because she's doing big things. She and I became friends just before this album came out so this is the one I'm sharing, but if you have a minute, look up her other work. And if her solo efforts aren't impressive enough, she's also drumming for an amazing all-girl rock band called Crowd The Airwaves (these girls are my compadres and fellow rock soldiers, but that's a-whole-nother blog). To call this girl a powerhouse is an understatement - if you do anything on your day off, make sure you check out Lindsay. And if my praises aren't enough to get you to click on the link to her website (, then pay attention to the fact that her name kinda looks like DRAGON. Nothing less than awesome can come from that kind of wordplay, folks. 

biography pulled from
Lindsay Dragan is a drummer, guitarist, and vocalist. Born in Pittsburgh, PA in 1986, she has been performing regularly either as a solo artist or part of a band since the age of 14. Highlights on her resume include touring Western Europe as half of the indie dreampop duo Sunshowers, being on of two singer/songwriters in Music Under New York's 2011 list of inductees, being a featured artist in Heather Jacks' "The Noise Beneath The Apple", a stint in Brooklyn spacebilly outfit The Sky Captains of Industry, a featured spot a Night of 1000 Stevies in 2013, and performing around the United States. She currently lives in Brooklyn, NY with her fiance, and plays drums in the four-piece rock outfit Crowd The Airwaves, along with solo shows and session work. Her latest solo album, "Be Good To Yourself" was released on April 28, 2014, and Crowd The Airwaves' debut EP will be released before the end of 2014.

Lindsay has a unique yet all-encompassing sound; her work is not what you're hearing on popular radio these days, and that's a good thing. My experience with the FM dial these days (when it comes to new music) usually involves two minutes of listening followed by an impatient shake of the head before I ultimately shut the damn thing off. Being a person who loves music and its constant evolution, I never thought I'd hit the age where I'd be aggravated by a particular genre or sound; it seems I'm there! All too often these days, newer music is generated more by software and less by actual instruments. Lindsay's got a whiff of synth flowing through her music while keeping the reality and warmth of her guitar out in the front, and it's a breath of fresh air. 'Be Good To Yourself' exhibits an easy breezy groove while keeping things fresh and fun-filled; I dare you to listen to this album and not want to take a cross-country drive in search of adventure and self-actualization.

Be Good To Yourself is an album to listen to, and an album to love. Whether it be a chillax type of listen, or writing fuel - there's something in here for everyone. I can think of at least ten of my friends that would love this girl, and would probably download everything she's ever released as a result. And when that happens, here's her Amazon buy link:
You can find her tuneage everywhere, basically. Just FYI, I wanted to post a widget, but for whatever reason the code isn't working. I've been considering changing platforms for a while now, this may be the thing that pushes me over. 

I've said before that Lindsay is the Stevie Nicks of our generation, and I stand by it. Get to know this phenomenal rocker now, before she explodes into the stratosphere and stops answering calls. ;)

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