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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Read & Review Saturdays: THE GARNET DAGGER by Andrea R. Cooper

Happy Saturday!
I started my morning by finishing up a birthday cake for a friend - I'd say it went well. :) Now, on to writing. And in the next few hours, I'll be on a bus to Flushing to pick up my bass so that I can practice my butt off in time for rehearsal tomorrow. Rock N' Roll.. ;)

Publishing with Crimson Romance is the best thing I could have done this year, and it's because I keep meeting so many amazing ladies who write stories from the deepest part of their imaginations...and they seriously rock at it! This past week I had Andrea R. Cooper visit my blog to share her new book The Garnet Dagger and why she enjoys writing Paranormal Romance so much; to cap off the week, I was hoping to insert my review into this blog. If you didn't catch it on Goodreads or Amazon, you should give this book a shot.

The book's "voice" is extremely interesting; the story itself reads as if straight out of the mind of Brock, the lead character. Andrea sets the scene perfectly, describing Brock's journey with a kind of clarity that places the reader right along side him. It's well-written and almost poetic; Miss Cooper did a great job of walking the line between 'Romance' and 'Fantasy Fiction' without losing my interest as a reader. It's definitely worth checking out!

Andrea R. Cooper is one of many Crimson Romance authors whom are all talented, imaginative, and incredibly supportive. If you enjoy reading (and I believe Crimson Romance may just be setting the standard when it comes to distributing a 'new kind of romance'!), visit my publisher's website:

Take a look around, log in to the community and read to your heart's content - you won't be sorry! And now, onward. I have to try and finish a chapter today, and prepare for the other half of yet another busy weekend. Have a great one!


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