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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Read & Review Saturdays: DESTINATION WEDDING by Robyn Neeley

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It's Saturday, and that means REVIEW TIME! I'm just starting to play around with Blogger and learn how to schedule posts and play with the format. I've decided to empower myself and figure this nonsense how, now that I officially have a web designer with a damaged computer! While she gets her PC fixed, I've got to update an entire website!

I haven't done one of these in awhile, and now I'm backed up on reviews - eep! But I'm glad this is my first one back. I actually read Robyn Neeley's DESTINATION WEDDING weeks ago; it was one that I started at 10 o'clock at night on a Thursday with the intent of finishing it over the weekend. One page led to another and I finally looked up in a daze - it was 1am and I was done! It's rare for me to fall in love with a book. I appreciate every single story I come across whether I like it or not; frankly, I've enjoyed everything I've read since publishing KIRBY. But this book was one that I especially crushed on, and I honestly can't wait to read more of Robyn's work. Before I get into all of that, however, I'll start with the book's blurb.

Wedding planner Kate Ashby’s fear of flying is eased by a sexy stranger and one slow lip lock that rockets her into another orbit.

CEO Luke Cannon has just traded seats with his identical twin. Little did he know that an innocent kiss while pretending he was his brother would soon create havoc.
What happens in the air doesn’t stay up there. Once on tropical land, Kate believes that the handsome stranger who gave her the best kiss of her life is now her new client, Drew Cannon, fiancĂ© to the beautiful and wealthy Lauren Kincaid. While Kate struggles with the intense feelings she thinks she has for Drew, Luke discovers Kate’s been hired to plan his brother’s destination wedding. He also realizes the initial sparks they shared 30,000 feet up are now mistakenly aimed at Drew.

Can Luke get Kate to realize that the feelings she has are for him? He’s got forty-eight hours in paradise to try.

To get back to where I was when I started describing this book, it's definitely safe to say that it knocked me for a loop. I had intended to take a couple of days reading it only to find out that I couldn't put it down! The characters are lovable and quirky; I completely rooted for Kate from beginning to end, and I got a lot of hearty chuckles in at her expense as she (classically) behaves like the daughter of a single mother whom, despite the occasional over-reaction, genuinely just wants what's best for Mom! I'm not ashamed to admit it - I would have probably reacted the same way. (smile)

We also get to see the inevitable mayhem that goes down when twins decide to get together and stir the pot. Robyn had tipped me off that, if she could cast the characters, Armie Hammer would play the roles of Drew & Luke - you go ahead and enjoy that one. I got to give the book a read through with that knowledge and boy, did I swoon! The plot twists were fun and effective, giving the book a flow that is hard to find in today's literature. This is definitely a great summer read! I can almost feel my toes in the sand now.

If you'd like to pick up a copy (and I suggest that you do!), DESTINATION WEDDING is available courtesy of Crimson Romance and can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google Books, and more. You can also stop in and show some love by visiting her site at - make sure you tell her that Samantha sent you!

To close, I wanted to leave you all with a tip - a large majority of us (writers) rely on reviews and word of mouth to fuel our careers. If you like what you read and want to read more, please leave loving reviews for the books you've read. Your voice counts in helping our dreams along, and is appreciated more than you will ever realize! If a book has blown you away, made you giggle, or simply made you feel good - let B&N, Amazon, Google Books, or Goodreads know by leaving a brief review. Pass the word to your friends! We love our audiences, even more so when they go above and beyond to let the world know about us. Thanks for reading!

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