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Monday, September 23, 2013

Today...Today... TODAY!

Hi hi!

Today's the day - Harlequin's annual "So You Think You Can Write" competition has begun accepting submissions. I've got my first chapter, I've got my pitch, and I've got the rest of the book...outlined. 

Yup, I said it - outlined. I don't have a full manuscript ready; this means that, should I take the plunge into the contest, I will once again be plagued by a severe lack of sleep for the next two weeks. Part of me is screaming "Are you inSANE? What are you doing?" I must be a glutton for punishment.

Then, of course, another part of me is all, "Get it, Sam! The last time you did this, KIRBY was finally born!" Good point, self. Do I have the discipline to do it a second time? Do you
guys believe in me? Hell, do I believe in me?

...honestly, I think I can do this.

I'm pretty sure I can pull this off. I'd have to put my other projects on hold (except for the band, I've got a pretty huge gig coming up next month!), but I can probably squeeze 50,000
to 60,000 words in over the next two weeks. The good news is, I may have more time than that - submissions are open until Oct 9th; after that there is a small period of time where readers are allowed to vote daily for their favorite (that's where you come in!) before the editors ask for full manuscripts. So, considering I wrote KIRBY in less than two weeks, I must have a fighting shot, yeah?

Maybe it's the rush to finish the ten-minute blog, maybe it's the lack of sleep, but I'm excited. Would you guys join me for the ride? I promise I'll blog - but you've gotta leave me some encouragement too! Rawr, here I go again... another whirlwind writing spree that may culminate in my having a romance published by Harlequin Books. Wish me luck!


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